Monday, October 6, 2008

Water Gardening and Falling Leaves

In the last few days the deciduous trees have begun to colour up.
What does the Water Gardener need to keep in mind during the fall?
Primarily, autumn leaves do not belong in the pond and should not remain there to decompose during the winter.
Is there an easy solution?

Pond Netting!

Pond Nets keep autumn debris from polluting your pond. I suggest getting your pond fall clean up done in the next few days, and place a net over the entire surface.
Pond Netting should not touch the surface, but be place with a gradual slope so when the leaves blow in they fall to the edge of the pond and not on the pond itself.

You can remove the netting after all the leaves are off the trees.
This is just one simple task to complete during warm falls days, it greatly reduces your spring clean up.

Your pond fish will also benefit from netting your pond, for any decomposing matter robs your pond of oxygen in the winter.
Remember, cold doesn't kill your fish in the winter, lack of oxygen does.

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