Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Winding Down May

Apple Blossoms early in the month

The month of May goes by so quickly in the garden shoppe.
It is a bustle of activity all month long with new plants selling out as quick as we get them in.
We live for the month of May, but I am always ready to set back and enjoy June.

I thought it would be nice to take a look at a few of my favorite May photos.

Tree Peonies at least 30 blossoms on this 1 shrub

Bearded Irises just now blooming

Ending with one of the best things to look forward to in June.
This was the first picked from my own private patch. It was wonderful with my oatmeal for breakfast.

Looking forward to June at Green Wellies...we will have a new batch of Aquatic Marginal Plants ready to sell the 4th of June. We apologize for selling out so early in the season, but will be fully stocked this next week.

New Fish arriving also the 1st week of June.
Looking for a certain type/color of koi? We do accept special orders.

And Perennials! As the annuals move out of our wee space the Perennials move in.
Check back for postings on arrival dates.

Sit back with us in the month of June, take a deep breath and enjoy your gardens.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

We are Open!
Sunday - 10a-5p
Monday - 10a- 5p

We received a huge shipment of Proven Winner Annuals on Thursday.
Don't delay, this is your last chance for Annuals!

We still have plenty of Water Hyacinth, Anacharis, and Fish for your Water Garden.

The weathers been the lovely and the plants are loving it.

Stop in and have a Great Holiday Weekend.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Just In!

4"-5" Butterfly Koi, 3"-4" Comets and 5"-7" Shubunkins!

Huge, Beautiful Water Hyacinth!
Hornwort, Anacharis, and Parrot Feather.

We also have unnamed Water Lilies with Buds for 20.00!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


After all the tickles and teasing, as of today we are bursting the seams with your favorite Proven Winners and Hort Couture Annuals.

Spring is Here!

I love the way our tiny courtyard looks, colour bursting forth everywhere.

It surely blast that last bit of winter dolddrums from your soul.

For the most pleasing Combination Container Plantings:
Combine plants with the following characteristics
Upright and/or Spiky
Full and Rounded

Remember that a odd number of plants is more pleasing to the eye.
Plant either a monochromatic or complimentary color scheme.

Did you know that we offer a Custom Planting Service?

Select from our available planters or bring your own.
We will design and plant it for you.
It's just the simple.
Hope to see you soon.

Don't forget Mother's Day this Sunday!