Wednesday, December 26, 2007

60% OFF - All Holiday Items

Have you been lusting after that Heartwood Creek Santa? Want to get a jump on next years decorations? Now is the time to Save!
Limited Supplies, Stop in Today!
Green Wellies will be Open this Holiday Season
Dec 26th - 28th - 10a to 5p
Dec 30th - 12n to 5p

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Just As I Promised

Remember the posting on November 26th? All about gifting flowering bulbs.
Start with this.....

End up with this....

And This....A Close Up....How Lovely!

I never break a Promise!

Monday, December 17, 2007

The Water Garden After a Snowfall

Enjoy your Water Garden in the Winter. The fish are still there but very inactive. You all should know by now that you do not feed your fish in the winter. Rule of thumb...if the water temp is below 50 do not feed. The poor little guys will eat if you feed them, you have trained them so well. But, the high protein fish pellets are not easy to digest in cold water, which would be fatal to your fish. If not running your pump/fountain in the winter, make sure you have a heater in the pond. This allows for gases to escape under a ice cap. We are all about making sure your fish survive the winter!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Snow, Snow, Snow

Didn't it feel like Christmas this morning?

9 More Days to Go.... Can you wait?....Are You Ready?
Love the Snow.....Hate the Shoveling

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does Christmas Shopping Panic You?

Relax, Take a Deep Breath and let us help you.

Young fashionistas love Owen Glass Earrings, you will be the best mom, aunt, grandmother, once a pair of these are given. (Perfect also for 30, 40 or 50 year old fashionistas).

Plain Jane is a line of Tabletop Ware that makes a great teacher or neighbor gift. It is a women's view of Christmas. It makes me laugh and so many of the sayings are oh so true!

Birdfeeders and Bird Seed make a wonderful gift for anyone. Young birders, shut ins, your great uncle Joe, Grandparents. Birdfeeders are available in many sizes, with windowsill feeders for apartment dwellers.
I know this isn't the prettiest photo, but look close, those are Evening Grosbeaks! A rare sight here in the Midwest in November! Did I mention how a Birdfeeder makes a great gift?

Sparkly, Glittery, Shiny Anyone?
One of my favorite Holiday Traditions, begin giving an ornament to a grandchild, child, niece or nephew. I promise they will treasure them.

14 days left.....but who is counting.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What the Heck are Green Wellies?

Last year at Christmas a favorite customer, Miggs Hill, presented me with this wonderful watercolor. Miggs is a wonderful artist, I was very honored to receive this.

What I especially like about this painting is that it shows a pair of "Green Wellies". I receive many inquiries from our customers as to what Green Wellies are. That is if they are pronouncing it correctly, a good portion say Green Willies, yes, you heard me Willies. Willies , with an " i " . I try not to cringe. When I hear Green Willies, I immediately conjure a picture of a gentleman in coveralls, a straw hat, sucking on a corncob pipe, a few pieces of straw sticking out of his pockets, and farm implements, lots of farm implements. Yikes! Can you tell I this has been on my mind a few times? I apologize, back to Miggs and her lovely little painting.

Green Wellies or Green Wellingtons are English Gardening Boots. (see photo above) . Now doesn't the name of our shoppe make more sense?

Thank you Miggs , again for the heartfelt gift, and for giving me a easy way to explain the name of the shoppe.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Rekindle Your Christmas Spirit

Thanks to all of you who attended our village Holiday festival " Rekindle Your Holiday Spirit" this last Thursday. For a first time event, I believe all involved were quite pleased with the turnout. Thank you, brave souls who stood in the cold night to listen to Christmas Carols, and anxiously awaited their turn for a Horse Drawn Carriage Ride. Thank you everyone who made the effort to visit our shoppe, quite of few of you for the first time. It was my pleasure to meet you and introduce the shoppe to you. It was a fun and exciting evening, I don't think we ever had so many people in the shoppe at one time. ( I admit to a case of nerves, I couldn't greet or talk to all of you.) Thanks to the organizers of the event, congratulations on a job well done!

We all look forward to next year.