Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Does Christmas Shopping Panic You?

Relax, Take a Deep Breath and let us help you.

Young fashionistas love Owen Glass Earrings, you will be the best mom, aunt, grandmother, once a pair of these are given. (Perfect also for 30, 40 or 50 year old fashionistas).

Plain Jane is a line of Tabletop Ware that makes a great teacher or neighbor gift. It is a women's view of Christmas. It makes me laugh and so many of the sayings are oh so true!

Birdfeeders and Bird Seed make a wonderful gift for anyone. Young birders, shut ins, your great uncle Joe, Grandparents. Birdfeeders are available in many sizes, with windowsill feeders for apartment dwellers.
I know this isn't the prettiest photo, but look close, those are Evening Grosbeaks! A rare sight here in the Midwest in November! Did I mention how a Birdfeeder makes a great gift?

Sparkly, Glittery, Shiny Anyone?
One of my favorite Holiday Traditions, begin giving an ornament to a grandchild, child, niece or nephew. I promise they will treasure them.

14 days left.....but who is counting.

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