Tuesday, December 4, 2007

What the Heck are Green Wellies?

Last year at Christmas a favorite customer, Miggs Hill, presented me with this wonderful watercolor. Miggs is a wonderful artist, I was very honored to receive this.

What I especially like about this painting is that it shows a pair of "Green Wellies". I receive many inquiries from our customers as to what Green Wellies are. That is if they are pronouncing it correctly, a good portion say Green Willies, yes, you heard me Willies. Willies , with an " i " . I try not to cringe. When I hear Green Willies, I immediately conjure a picture of a gentleman in coveralls, a straw hat, sucking on a corncob pipe, a few pieces of straw sticking out of his pockets, and farm implements, lots of farm implements. Yikes! Can you tell I this has been on my mind a few times? I apologize, back to Miggs and her lovely little painting.

Green Wellies or Green Wellingtons are English Gardening Boots. (see photo above) . Now doesn't the name of our shoppe make more sense?

Thank you Miggs , again for the heartfelt gift, and for giving me a easy way to explain the name of the shoppe.

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