Monday, May 26, 2008

Birdathon Give Away

Every year it gives me great pleasure to donate an item for the Southwest Michigan Birdathon.

This annual event consists of bird counting, bird watching, a meal, and silent auction, hosted by Kip and Pat at Love Creek Nature Center.

This year we donated a Forever Feeder, several premium annuals, birdseed and of course a "Green Wellies" Ball cap.

Pat was in last week to report they had a wonderful turnout and the bird count was up this year!
Mainly due to lingering shorebirds. Pat also commented that our donated item was one of the items most bid on. Yea!

Congratulation to all the Birders out there that participated in the Southwest Michigan Birdathon.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Rainy Day Offer

raindrops on flower petals

Free Geraniums!

Gray, misty, cool, light breeze, london-y.

London-y....not a real word but one I keep saying all day.

It just feels London-y out today.

We would like to tempt you to come out today, brave this London-y weather, pull on your rain slicker and wellies.

Purchase 3 four inch premium annuals and we will give you a 4" Geranium! (1 Geranium per purchase)

Free, absolutely Free!

For we admire all you gardeners that do not let a little inclement weather stop you.

This special is only valid to our blog readers.

Mention you are a reader and want your free Geranium!

Rainy Day Offer Valid 14May - 16May.

I love Rain, Rain makes me Happy!