Sunday, October 19, 2008

Bonfire Begonia

Many times a day customers ask what are these big orange flowers .

When I tell them a begonia variety named 'Bonfire' they never believe me. I can't for the life of me understand why they would ask and then not believe the person who planted and cared for them all summer, let alone owns and runs a garden shoppe.

I think the disbelief comes from knowing that they are a begonia, most assume that begonia can only grow in shade.

'Bonfire' not only can tolerate full day sun it thrives, but will also be happy in a more shaded garden.

We have been most fortunate that the 'Bonfire' has done so well this fall, but this week the big hanging baskets and big planters in front of the shoppe will come down and be stored for next season.

Enjoy them for the rest of this week and remember to get yours early in the season next year for I have a feeling they will go fast.


Poppy said...

I love that last showing in the fall that plants put on for us. This is such a beautiful fall plant!

Jill in Florida

Em! said...

Nice, I love the bright red color! Did you photo shop it to make it brighter?.....Because it's just fabulous!