Thursday, September 4, 2008

These Guys are Now in Charge

Green Wellies will be CLOSED Sept 5th - Sept 12th.
While we are away these two fine gentlemen have been volunteered to watch over things.
We have it on the best authority that they are very trustworthy.
Herman (the big goldfish) and Essie (his mate) are not quite sure about their ability.
It seems they have brought along a get away car.

"Milkweed" says, don't worry Leela, I will help them!
Have a great week....I certainly will and we will talk when I get back.


Poppy said...

How cute!

Jill in Florida

amy said...

hi leisa-
i was just thinking of you and had to say HI! i still haven't visited berrien springs. i'll work on that this fall...
coming to the mollema show??
Amy ruis, ex-mollemite, life-owner of Art of the table