Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Change is Coming

And no I am not talking about the upcoming election. Will we ever be able to hear those words again without thinking of this last political season.
The change we are talking about right now is the change in our seasons.
Today, after 12" of rain in 72 hours the sun came back and it was welcomed with big arms.
Along with the rain I noticed we still have Water Lilies blooming in the upper pond, and nestled right next to the blossom was this lovely maple leaf.
I think we who garden have mixed feelings regarding autumn.
We enjoy the crispness in the air, the lack of humidity, the blueness of the sky, and of course the myriad colours in the autumn leaves.
But, with this comes the end of our blooming perennial and water gardens, the last of our summer vegetables.
Have your tomato plants started to go?
Oh change.....it is truly coming!

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