Monday, May 1, 2017

Spring, Annuals & Cold Temperatures

Didn't the 80 degree temperatures make you anxious to plant tender annuals.
But, what do we do now that the temps are predicted close to frost several times this week.

My suggestion, do not fall prey to the "big box" stores that encourage you to buy annuals and perennials out of season.
Tender blooming plants are harmed when going from a warm tropic like greenhouse to outside in our "spring" weather.
Plants need to be "hardened off", gradually strengthen to bright sunlight, winds and falling night temps. ( Predicted lows 37 this week )

While the plants may look fine and survive this brutal exposure they are also more prone to disease.

At Green Wellies we have delayed our first shipment of tender plants until the end of this week, so we can provide the healthiest plants and ensure your gardening success.

In the meantime stop in a browse all the new merchandise inside, we have the heat on.

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