Monday, April 21, 2008

Water Gardening Season

"Milkweed" enjoys the 1st Fish Feeding of Season

A few tips for Spring Start Up of your Water Gardens.

1. Replace all filter media.
2. Clean/Start your Pumps
3. Clean debris off bottom of pond as much as possible.
4. Do a partial water exchange, no more than 1/3 total volume
5. Add your 1st dose of Beneficial Bacteria i.e. PondZyme, Microlift PL,etc.
6. Check salt levels
7. Add submerged plants and floaters a.s.a.p.
submerged plants 1 bunch for every 2 sq ft of surface space
floaters (water lettuce/hyacinth) enough to give good coverage of surface
8. Be Patient. Give your pond time to achieve "balance". Some degree of algae bloom is to be expected.
9. Fed fish only when water temp is above 50 degrees. Or when you have special help like "Milkweed"


Poppy said...

Cute photo. I miss seeing your pond, it is such a beautiful pond

Em! said...

Hi Leisa
My dad came home yesterday with 2 big fish for our pond so it looks like you have a new fish in your pond!!!!!
I thought that would happen to you. Have fun with your new fish.!