Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Michigan Farmers Desperate to Save Crops

The Headline we see more and more often.
It has been spring officially for 6 weeks. Temps. in the high 70's and even 80 last week.
Temperatures in which Fruit Trees and Strawberries Bloom.
Last night at 11pm, 33 degrees, early a.m. 22 degrees.

When Fruit is in bloom, and a hard killing frost is forecasted, the area Farmers best line of defense is irrigation. If they can encapsulate the bloom in ice it actually protects it.

It is too early to tell if all the efforts were "fruitful". Cherries may be okay, they had already dropped bloom. Apples and Peaches are still in question.
This is just another reason why we all need to be aware of where food originates and the effort it takes to feed people.
Be a locavore , support your local farmers and buy only locally grown food.
Think about it...transportation cost is less, which equals less fuel usage, which equals less oil dependence.

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