Monday, November 19, 2007

We are Ready for Christmas - Are You?

I was so in need of elves last week. So much to do. Turning a Garden Shoppe into a Christmas Gift Shoppe. (now don't worry we still are first and foremost a Garden Shoppe). It was Wednesday morning and I realized we had only a week to get it all done!!! Yikes!!

Pulled in the big guns...dragged Meggie away from college for 2 days. She jumped right in tearing displays apart.

Then setting up new displays.

Stopping only long enough when Don our UPS Man brought us goodies. Don always brings us goodies. We love Don.

The goodies today were additional hooks for the slatwall. Probably not too exiciting for you, but look.....

At all the ornaments now hanging on the slatwall!

My favorite display of this season. Forced Hyacinth and Amaryllis Bulbs, what a perfect gift!

We made it! The shoppe is dressed, bejeweled, gussied up, whatever you want to call it, and Ready for the Holidays!

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Emily said...

I am ready for christmas!!
Green wellies has very pritty trees and lights. I have a tree from there and I always get good comments on it.