Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Remember those "Big Pots"? They also make wonderful Christmas Trees stands. My preferred choice in Christmas Trees is the Concolor Fir. The Concolor has bluish green flat needles (soft not prickly) prefers full sun and moist sandy loam, dislikes heavy clay soil, is tolerant of drier conditions and heat. If planting in the landscape give it lots of room, it will top out at 30'-50' with a spread of 15'-30' though it is a moderate slow grower.
What I particularly like is it's wonderful open habit, perfect for hanging long dangley ornaments. And when the needles are crushed they smell of citrus. Lovely!
The Concolor in the photo is approx. 10-12ft tall and when placed in the "big pots" add another 3 ft in height. We placed over 1000 lights on this puppy!
For the last few days we have been transforming the shoppe for the holidays, it is a big task, but with the help of many paid elves, we should have it complete by this weekend. I hate to rush Christmas but in the retail world you are forced to. Frank's (Sinatra that is, we are on a 1st name basis) Holiday CD may get tossed in the player today to heighten the mood. We will keep you updated.

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