Monday, January 11, 2010

"Bird Strikes" - the Perils of Heavy Snowfall

During the recent heavy snowfall we observed the Coopers Hawk hunting in our backyard.
The snowfall made his preferred diet of rodents very challenging to obtain.

This little Downy Woodpecker was almost lunch.
He out maneuvered the hawk, but not the window.
I kept a eye on him while Dan went to the rescue.
After escaping the hawk we didn't want the feral cats to get him.
Dan carefully picked him up to place him out of the cat's reach.
In just a few seconds he was alert and perching on his finger.

As Dan tried the place him on a high windowsill, The Downy decided he liked the perch he was on and began to climb Dan's arm.

He was finally placed on the Ivory Silk Lilac Tree and flew off 10 minutes later.

Protect your Songbirds by placing feeders in close proximity to shrubs, deadfall, or any closure they can escape to.
Keep your drapes closed or place Warning Webs on large expanses of glass to minimize window strikes.

And bear in mind the Cooper's Hawk must eat also.

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