Thursday, August 14, 2008

Garden Bounty

Basil, Basil, we have so much Basil, I will be making pesto for the next week.

This is just the trimming from 3 basil plants. I believe there are 15 more in the garden.

This time of year we are in production mode, canning fruit, vegetables, freezing the last of the green beans and sweet corn.

Pulling and curing the onions for winter storage. Waiting for the late varieties of tomatoes.

We get so busy we forget that this is also the perfect time to plant perennials.

With warm days, but cooler nights, new perennial plantings will thrive.
We still have many varieties available and starting August 17th will offer them at a savings of 50%!

And while you are here loading your car with great new plants, stop by the Berrien County Fair for one last corndog.


Poppy said...

Oh what I would give for a bucket of the basil! You know I almost named Paige "Basil", Stacy would not have any of that. I wish I could make some pesto with you. Enjoy!

Jill in Florida

jen said...

i didn't know onions need to be cured for storage. very interesting...