Sunday, July 27, 2008

Gardening Season - Part II - Green Beans

40 feet of green beans, 2 rows

Sauteed, Steamed, Stir Fried, whatever way you prefer, green beans are on the menu.

Dan picked 11 pounds Thursday night. Nothing beats picking fresh organic produce and consuming it minutes later for supper.

I am not sure how we got away from this privilege in this country, but I hear the trend toward home vegetable gardening is on the increase.
Most trade publications say that vegetable flats out sold flower flats this spring.
With the upturn in grocery costs, along with fuel costs, I can understand why.

Dan has worked his organic vegetable plot with zeal for 12 years. This garden provides most of our produce needs not only during the season, but all winter.

We are also harvesting summer squash, onions, the last of the salad greens, more basil then I can make pesto, and carrots. Sweet Corn and Tomatoes can not ripen so enough.

Questions on organic gardening? Stop in and chat, we still have Renee's Garden Seed in stock at a reduced price. Perfect for next season.

green beans, wash and snapped, ready to blanch and freeze

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