Monday, March 10, 2008

Blooms in My Dining Room

Funny thing about people who Garden, they can not just let go of the growing season in the fall.
We have the tendency to bring many of our tropical blooming plants indoors. The plants do not necessarily care for this climate change. Many of our homes are heated with forced air, creating a dry warm condition. To adapt to this change in climate the tropicals usually drop all their foliage and look rather pitiful during the winter indoors. If you are really lucky, supplement the humidity levels, and place the plants in a southern facing window, look what can happen.

This hibiscus had 8 blooms this morning. And the bougainvillea (photo above) has been blooming for over a month. I will be able to place these plants outdoors in 6 to 8 weeks and they will continue to surprise me with their effortless beauty.

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Poppy said...

It is odd to see these in my back yard growing in the middle of winter. Living in Florida now it is still so odd to see these outside year round.