Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Bunny Run

A strange gathering happened in our side yard this weekend.

They came from across a busy rural road, from as far away as the back garden plot (3 acres away), and from both neighbors lawns.

They converged under the Hawthorn Trees. The bunny tracks were wild and scattered as far as you could see.

I believe Spring is in the air.

p.s. 8" of new snow fell in the last 18 hours with more predicted. Nix previous comment!


Poppy said...

Why do they go under the tree? Is there food there? That is odd. Maybe its the bunny coffee house or something like that?

bpaustia said...

Well, I just got onto your blog! It has taken me weeks and I couldn't find it. I go into Em's OK but neither of yours. What Fun! This site is well done. I like it. What strange bunny tracks. Did you tell Papa?

Who is Poppy?

Love from Mom